Maxiplast Premium Rigid Strapping Tape


  • Rayon fabric ensures great tensile strength and joint fixation
  • Aggressive zinc oxide adhesive that is latex-free for minimised skin irritation
  • Pinked edge allows for easy tear

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Built to withstand the most explosive movements from the fittest and fiercest athletes in the country; our Premium Rigid Strapping Tape is the choice in strapping tape by Australia’s elite sports teams and exercise physiologists, providing unyielding support and joint stability.

Constructed from tightly woven Rayon fabric and zinc oxide adhesive, our Premium Rigid Strapping Tape is our strongest sports strapping tape designed with unbeatable support for joints under maximum stress.  It is commonly used in preventative and post injury taping methods as its rigid structure assists in prevention of re-injury by restricting a joint from going into a specific or wide range of motion.

Pinked edges for easy tear and minimal risk of threading.

Sizes available: 

38mm x 13.7m 
50mm x 13.7m

Quantities Available:

38mm (Box 30)
50mm (Box 20)

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